In 2017, Greentarget and Zeughauser Group distributed this year’s survey via email to a group of corporate counsel across the nation. The results were tabulated, analyzed, and will be made available in May 2017.

Respondents identified themselves as GCs/Chief Legal Officers, Deputy/ Assistant GCs, In-House Counsel, and related titles.

Percentages in certain questions exceed 100 percent because respondents were asked to check all that apply. Due to rounding, all percentages used in all questions may not add up to 100 percent. A few minor edits were made to verbatim responses to correct spelling and verb tense.


Greentarget is a strategic communications firm focused exclusively on the communications needs of highly competitive business-to-business organizations. We counsel those who counsel the world’s leading businesses and direct the conversation among their most important audiences to help deepen the relationships that impact the long-term value of their organizations.


Zeughauser Group is the firm of choice for legal industry leaders seeking to increase competitive advantage and profitability, enhance market position, and strengthen organizational culture.